Why 60 Scenes? Because every great novel and movie is comprised of approximately 60 scenes.

Why 60 Days? Because you can do it.

If you have an idea, you can have a first draft in 60 days.

We’ll teach you all the components you need to craft your novel or screenplay: a compelling plot, well-rounded characters, an empathetic hero with a transformative arc. And we’ll teach you how to map it all out in 60 scenes.

60 scenes…that’s it.

60 scenes and you have a novel.


The new 60-60 course starts early in 2015!

Click here to preview the skills you'll learn in the 60Scenes60Days Course and hear valuable information on concept, plot, character, scene and more.


Meet Your Story Coaches

PenPaperWrite’s objective is to build a community that helps writers complete their work and see it in print.

Christina Nicholetta Ranallo

Creative Director/Story Coach
Published author, workshop leader, public speaker for over 25 years, Licensed Life Coach and the founder of PenPaperWrite. Devoted to helping writers take projects to the end.

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Brenly Harrison

Story Coach
The only kid in school who cheered when it was time for creative writing projects. Brenly was a lawyer for years before deciding to leave her career and become a writer.

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